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The War Be Between a Part of Competition

What difference between politic and economy.
"lamun politik ngaji jelmaanna, lamun ekonomi ngaji duitna, da barangna mah keur dihakan."

Rule as view in daily body function without learning. Law as view in Jet Lee body function with learning. Are this point is true? maybe.

All war with angry, but all competition with will without it's angry.
This is if somebody was been angry with other, reflectly he/she fight that other self. Then if somebody was can to be angry of other it's body, he/she will can to do warring other his/her body of man. In that time, he/she is being a competitor, then the other to do his/her angry birth by mean as a psycho of the community. A war not same with fight.
All war with rule but The fight with law without it's rule. Any war to be between part of a competition.
Someone can fighting other it's body easily with any interest of group (two or much). But there are hard in war without act of theological. In case, a war being by truthworthy. By sample, How if a man united their both body out of truthworthy. A war is not like that, your seing is false. Then why someone that fight so easy to kill other, but hard if he/she exist in war. A war in doing of selves so if like that their angry birth is falses.
The Act of Theological
A history that was not falsed is just been in religion, anylegion. That history been without any matterial history as gold and silver. In live of human been one question that follow their existence, How a man aknowledger their creator? In religion, these are am I been a ways. A ways to be come to god is been 1) sonship, 2) fathership, 3) mothership, 4) Lordness, 5) Godness.
Godness was come with profethics (124.000 body name). Lordness was come with messengers (313 book name) by power of angel human. Mothership was come by ray of Huwo/E.V.E (No name). Fathership was come by glow of Adam (One name). Sonship was and will coming by borning of Holy Allah (all religion). There is mean of speaking god, "The god just One, but begining of man is twice, then all man creation being in thy born, thy glass of tube. That is like of live not death of Orc". If a reader not understanding this ways, Go! to any  religion author then request that five ways.
If a human see a religion in this world, so the key of their religion just five that last. One way difference with other way. In Islam a ways called by "Thoriqot" (go to Allah of Muhammad) that exist in First "Rukun Islam as Syahadatain". Any act of theological was been about orcing body of man - human and women. Believe or Not. Any orc correlated with death (al-maut) and live (al-hayat). Al-maut is any matter body of human that borrowed from ord in thy creation, example ferit in blood, C-14 timer. Al-hayat is any water body of human that borrowed from angel sky in thy creation, no example or solar plexius. God in qur'an said, "Allah who created life and death to test you, which of you is a better charity". In chines believeness there is same mean with defined 'al-hayat' and 'al-maut' as Yin (Al-Amin Paraclet) and Yang (Al-Qudus Paraclet) too Dji (live matter/speaking self) and Chi (live water/viewing self). O' when a money is secret of course that  is very secret. Believe or Not Believe. To who if somebody back after death or live? I mean, to one of that five. This is hard responsibility of man.
The Act of Ideological
By which competition, an ideology go to it's polis. in fact, if someone already has an ideology, he would very easily suggesting others to be followers. Ideology means the idea that knowledge has already become followers. All ideological is a learning profit before somebody be a teacher. Then a teacher use his/her ideology as his/her secret instrument.
There is four biggest ideology in world and the other is low. First, Theism in capitalized industry. Second, Atheism in socialized industry. Third, organizm in corporated people. Fourth, tradism in cooperated company (ex. managementism). Are not a body go out from that four ideology? if do, so  no land, no people, no goods, no money. If be, so other ideology.
That view of point, are a hole is continous? to what? war aren't or fight aren't?By which competition, an ideology go to it's polis. THE...BY...THERE...THAT VIEW OF POINT.
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  • war tatto; war stemp
  • war page; war trustee
  • war tempo (i.e. last war of Indonesian (400 year)); war fever
  • war crime; war act

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  • war bond; Debitment or Creditment
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