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Only Religion Falseth

Sinner Logical  “The False From Human”
Imam Malik (900 M) argued, "just right, between false and true". in Boolean logic (1950M), Right = False and True. In this blog, How falses deceitful is that?
Sin in its history, the already have a system that contains five elements. Elements that's affecting the body so it is not sacred or no thing truth. Five of these sins are as follows:
Sin 1: Steal without a contract
Sin 2: Gamble without legacy
Sin 3: Drunk without remembering The Lord
Sin 4: Intercourse without marriage
Sin 5: Kill without war
Is when a man,  human and women body, is a perfect five for their sins. Then so the logic raised his until his body will be running a rather heathen (eviled). Human cadavers are petrified or locked like iron orc (roboth). Then too the body of knowledge so silent from his book. The body was not able to think of the truth. All sinner can see consciously or dream as reality of their bodies.
Sin logic is set up in each religion as duplicity of human truth. All law comes from God only from God. A sinner, the reality of man is always interpreted all fake. The sense that logic came from Sin on themselves. All law comes from God only from God while mans can not upon the Lord upon whom they like.
Here were some of the falsehoods that always accompany the life of the sinner, that is:
The first false, in fact, "it hurt, if every sinner has been blamed by the dining needs of the cause. All human right have been extended for the needs of eating it by any authority.All right reserved. Don't blame them with their food but their rules justic of their lives. The jury, "this is a heavy system in human riht  with low education and judgment of the sinner. While there is no need to farm for them, as a freedom on the side of their knowledge”. There is falsehood if someone want to help them.
The second false, "There are two paths of human life. The first education and then if it doesn't work then the second path with the judgment. every street both have different levels of life in the whole of human life. In the way of sin, is a long journey towards God man – no matter their accompanied by science or law-while the berserikan body 100 years of age. In fact, "if any sinner was just passed to their body, with mean us medichines. then why they are coming to their father of religion not to the kingdom or the government ". This view is shooting a falses of human life.
The third false, "All the sinner will ask someone outside herself to not be him". Falsehood was heredited and is always taught to people around them. Is a condition that markedly as the worst that they have become a community that allianced by a Lord  in this world. Damaged lives in a paradise that existed before the face of God. Did Mars do not live without trees and animals, water and oxygen. Or the Earth is not a perfect being for heaven of mansano.
The fourth false, it’s reality of decision thought sinner in living humans. Something spun with the cycle of sin as their quick decision, "All the false mind spinning as a decision to steal, gamble, hangover, intercourse, or kill. On all think cycles thought like that, there is no truth that can be inferred. All law comes from God only of God, while a sinner always deny the punishment of God. "A praying in religion just end but a begining was been a sin logic. " Like this start happening in the business world of the internet, the danger of being hit. While a hell was been with that sinner logical.
If a man can restrain itself from the logic of the sinner, then truth will continue to come into itself. The truth is simple. And after the truth that absorb into the human body, the man can be seen from the human angle.

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