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How Privacy Statement

What a Right?
Boolean state, "The Right is My True and My False". He coming with Null logic 0\1=Boolean then the numbers was ended.
What is a difference work and job in business? it’s be, as there are working such as farm, it job to beg and soo plant rice. All working build a groups while any resource need it’s jobs. Each group seeking these company where as a resourse seeking his reward “. All the effort and work outside of the script is colonial and rodi. Colonial is a privacy and rodi also privacy. All colonial set in the criminal law (Pidana) while rodi set in people code (Perdata). This criminal associated with mandated corporate person on behalf of the civil cooperative corresponds to a household name. Are not all of these a privacy statement? Yes, but privacy related to a country outside the legal origin. Core privacy, "Rule over the world should be abolished because it is not in accordance with the humanitarian and beurs balancing as UEA Budget". In terms of privacy, the Capitalian will always be herding it people to colonize, for her privacy. and too socialises will hold the rodi for their privacy while Indonesian will hold the status of country as privacy law, but just Arabian have god privacy with their secrets and condition.
The Act is Human, not the Rightness of copy, trade marks, and patient. A Copy, a Trade, and a Patent will be deleted automatically if the clash with human right. Isn't it yourself more valuable than the book that you writed, instrument that you calculated, and the bread that you created, Or yourself cheaper than all that, your own creation. Creation is a curse to mankind, jealeus womb of humans with their same that was motivate any profit being without requesting.
The current time, many human rights risk with lossing of copy, trade marks, and patient. But many people said, "it would be madness of this country's law". False Conclution, The seller humanright, isn't it?. Colonial and resourse sprouts. Socialisme and capitalisme in sense adaptation coming from the United Kingdom and China Public, bigges fasism in world. It is not simple for an insight into the world act of humanright. The best action, You must work for them if this sense animate you. Why? There is no answer, you are so easy to fool the nation with your own understand when you are in the way. Capitalism in the sense of indonesian is copyright of ' my money ' where as humanitarian socialism beside Indonesia is patient of "our stuff". All capitalism and socialism builder in Indonesia is Commercial Law and Tionghoa Code of Ethnis, both legacy origin. First important for trader coming to this country, then if not so please out from this country, Need or Not.
Much person act they privacy to do author then they educate a generation to be term of “ Personality Growing to be King and Prince” and “ Community building to be Country”. This is all time of human right was you sein, every kind of human source, but not fast. Then if someone want to be faster, so his action is “Capital Game” or ‘The Hobbit Unexpected Journal”, Jealeus womb, are not? Yes, am I, thruthness that falsed after I am.

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